Shakespeare’s Dictum

Straight from the pen of William Shakespeare some
400 years ago…
Shakespeare might advise the same in these times.
What do you think?


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Life’s a Miracle

When I look at the beauty of the planet and
all life that exists here, I cannot see it any
other way. Life is a miracle!

Of course, as is the case with everything else,
it is all in what we each make of life. As Albert
Einstein said, “There are only two ways to
live your life. One is as though nothing is a
miracle. The other is as though everything
is a miracle.”

Which way do you choose to live it?

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The Fear Trap

Fear can be extremely insidious. With a few
small seeds planted by someone else, we are
very good at manufacturing our own fears. Our
minds are very fertile and powerful instruments
of creation.

Fear has this planet in a stranglehold at the
moment. How will humanity extricate itself from
it? We must figure that out, because until we do,
we are prisoners of our own minds.

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Many Voices

It’s time for real change, we can all see that.
But, is humanity ready to do the real work
necessary to get “from here to there”?
It seems that many want to bully others into
submitting to their idea of a good society,
rather than taking a cooperative approach.

We must resist the bullying and shaming.
It’s essential that we ask our own questions,
then listen to others and work cooperatively
to achieve social solutions.

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Inside Out

Some see the world as external to themselves;
they sit back and wait for change to happen.
Others realize that they are connected to
everything around them, to the Earth and to
humanity. They work on changing themselves
in order to change the world.

This is where our point of power resides.
If we wait for change to happen in the
turmoil and corruption of our world today,
we may have a long wait. But when we
become a model of something different, this
will ripple outward and effect many others
in a positive way. Be the change.


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