Many Voices

It’s time for real change, we can all see that.
But, is humanity ready to do the real work
necessary to get “from here to there”?
It seems that many want to bully others into
submitting to their idea of a good society,
rather than taking a cooperative approach.

We must resist the bullying and shaming.
It’s essential that we ask our own questions,
then listen to others and work cooperatively
to achieve social solutions.

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Inside Out

Some see the world as external to themselves;
they sit back and wait for change to happen.
Others realize that they are connected to
everything around them, to the Earth and to
humanity. They work on changing themselves
in order to change the world.

This is where our point of power resides.
If we wait for change to happen in the
turmoil and corruption of our world today,
we may have a long wait. But when we
become a model of something different, this
will ripple outward and effect many others
in a positive way. Be the change.


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The Small Joys

Pearl S. Buck may have said it best:
“Many people lose the small joys
in the hope for the big happiness.”
Perhaps this is one of the silver linings
in the dark cloud of 2020. We have been
forced to stand back from our normal
ways, so we that may re-evaluate life.

I doubt any of us will ever again take for
granted the simple pleasure of meeting
face-to-face with a friend for a cup of
coffee and a heart-to-heart chat.
Of such humble threads is the richest
fabric of life woven.


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A Re-examination

Life on this planet is feeling increasingly
complicated lately. Have you noticed?
To a certain degree, modern society has
always been this way. Rules, paperwork
bureaucracy. Life should be simpler.

Thoreaus’s quote is not meant to suggest
that we should have no order in society.
However, when the mechanisms that hold
it in place are bloated and corrupted,
we must re-examine how we’re doing it.
I am positive, humanity is capable of doing
much better than this. Question is, will we?


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Holistic Soul

Currently there is extreme focus on the
state of our bodies. But, our health depends
on holistic care and feeding of mind, body,
and spirit. We are not truly healthy without
all three in balance.

A walk in nature is known to allow our minds
to relax, be in the moment, and to engage
in abstract creative thinking. The fresh air, sun,
and exercise rejuvenate our physical bodies.
Nature’s majesty feeds and lifts our spirits.

Earth is waiting to nourish and heal us.

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